Transtechnology Research Seminar Series 2017/2018 – Slow Conference

This year we will have a new format for the seminar series. In order to produce space for a critical mass and extended dialogue, this year’s series will take the form of a slow conference, with panels, keynotes, breakout session, workshop and poster session, taking place over the 9 months of the series.

This year’s theme; Revisiting ideoplasticity: contingency, action, and imagination continues the now long-running theme of affect and its manifestations by contending further with its recognizable tropes. The goal now is to connect outward to creative communities of practice across a range of disciplines. To do this we will take as a key theme the concept of ideoplasticity, a 19thcentury term referring to the somatic effects of mental ideas which has appeared, and continues to appear, in art history, medicine, fringe science and spiritualism.

Sessions take place on Wednesday afternoons in the Transtechnology Seminar Room, Portland Square Building room B312. 13:00-15:00. Preceded by lunch from 12:00.

Details of the slow conference call and session timetable are here;