L|R|Q – Leonardo Reviews Quarterly

LRQ is a new publication that meets the needs of an emerging print-on-demand constituency and prepares the way for delivery of first rate copy to other portable publishing formats. LRQ presents a quarterly selection of reviews together with other newly commissioned articles, such as overview essays and extended reflections on particular themes, along with a cross-section of the reviews of the past three months.

Editorial Team: Roger Malina (Executive Editor), Michael Punt (Editor-in-Chief ), Claudy Op den Kamp (Managing Editor)

Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.02 | 2012

Science, Spectacle and Imagination 


  • Michael Punt – Science and the Industrialisation of the Imaginary
  • Martyn Woodward – An Electrical Deep Time of the Modern Imagination
  • Martha Blassnigg – The Zigzag of Science and Consciousness in Action
  • Roger F. Malina – Science in the First Person Singular; New Roles for the Arts in the Theatrical-isation of Science?

Review Article:

  • Giovanna Costantini – On Sentience
  • Jan Baetens – Six Stories from the End of Representation by James Elkins
  • Wilfred Niels Arnold – On the Litany of Illnesses Associated with Vincent van Gogh www.trans-techresearch.net | 39 transtechnology research

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Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.01 | 2012 

The Sublime in Art and Science 


  • Michael Punt – Science, History and the Sublime
  • Sundar Sarukkai – Science and the Sublime
  • Roger F. Malina – A Role for the Sublime in ArtScience?
  • Martyn Woodward – A Reflection on the Sublime in Art and Science

Review Article:

  • Valery Oisteanu – And Tell Tulip the Summer by Allan Graubard

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Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 1.04 | 2011 


  • Michael Punt – Curiosity, Innovation and Agency
  • Roger Malina – Curiosity, Borders of the Real and Multiple Futures

Review Articles:

  • Jonathan Zilberg – Beyond the Estuary Metaphor
  • Ian Verstegen – Arnheim for Film and Media Studies by Scott Higgins (ed.)

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Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 1.03 | 2011 


  • Michael Punt – How much for a bad translation?
  • Roger Malina – Non-Euclidian Translation: Crossing the River Delta from the Arts to the Sciences and Back Again
  • Martin Zierold – A Commentary

Review Article:

  • Marcel Duchamp: Étant Donnés – by Michael R. Taylor
  • Marcel Duchamp: Étant Donnés – by Julian Jason Haladyn
  • Reviewed by Kieran Lyons

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Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 1.02 | 2010 


  • Roger Malina – Big Data, Citizen Science and the Death of the University
  • Michael Punt – Boundaries and Interfaces: Transdisciplinarity and the Big Data Problem

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Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 1.01 | 2010 


  • Roger Malina – Hard Humanities in Difficult Times
  • Michael Punt – L|R|Q

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