Transtechnology Reader 2010


Technology, Mind and Contingency: Matter, Models and Metaphors

Transtechnology Research published its first collection of essays as the outcome of two research seminar series in 2008/09 and 2009/2010. The reader reflects an ongoing intellectual process that is both individual and collective.

Editorial Team: Martha Blassnigg, Hannah Drayson, Michael Punt, John Vines and Brigitta Zics.

Table of Contents:

Title And Contents Pages

by Michael Punt

Cosmological Cinema: Pedagogy, Propaganda, Perturbations In Early Dome Theaters
by David McConville

Time, Memory And The Philosophical Dispositif Of Cinema: The Mirrored Metaphor Of Culture And Technology
by Martha Blassnigg

Swing Time: Technology As/&/As Metaphor
by Michael Punt

Constructed Bodies: How Can Physiological Instruments Become Tools Of Self Perception?
by Hannah Drayson

Provisional Connections: Science And Arts – Tales Of Sound And Fury
by Michael Punt

Darwin’s Ghost: The Darwin Exhibit At The American Museum Of Natural History
by Jonathan Zilberg

Joey The Mechanical Boy
by Stephen Thompson

The Failure Of Designers Thinking About How We Think: The Problem Of Human-Computer Interaction
by John Vines

A Brief History And Theory Of Not Looking: Toward A Field Theory Of The Audiovisual
by Martyn Woodward

From Active To Passive Participation: Toward An Affective Aesthetics
by Brigitta Zics (please contact author for copy)

Algorithmic Allure: Heidegger, Harman And Every Icon
by Robert Jackson

Disclosing Space: Order And Mediation From Hand-Drawn Scientific Illustration To Geometry
by Rita Cachão

Where Does Lap Go When You Stand Up? Meaning Making, Expression And Communication Beyond A Linguistic Constraint
by Martyn Woodward

Introduction (Revisting Ideas On Matter And Spirit)
by Martha Blassnigg (please contact author for a copy and information)

The Mind Cupola And Enactive Ecology: Designing Technologically Mediated Experiences For The Ageing Mind
by Brigitta Zics and John Vines

Spaces Of Historical Illusion: Moving Image Document As Panorama
by Amanda Egbe

Finding Meaning
by Joanna Griffin

De overval, the Film and its Dissemination: A Resistance Against a Dominant System
by Claudy Op den Kamp

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