Transtechnology Reader 2012/13



Deep History, Contingency and the Sublime 

The 2012/2013 Transtechnology Research  Reader draws on the 2012/2013 seminar series which took as its starting point the idea of the sublime as a category of the unknown that is accessible through the imagination, and which can impact on our conscious construction of the world as a contingency of our presence. The emerging discussion of deep history in the last few years was used to ground this starting point in a process of thinking through objects in order to expand the use of the document as an evidential trace of the incomplete and partially understood. In a series of structured presentations, researchers at Transtechnology Research situated their current research in this intellectual framework to extend the discussion of deep history and test its viability in the context of transdisciplinarity as it is understood as the identification of new research topics and concerns.

Table of Contents: 

Transdisciplinarity: Challenges, Approaches and Opportunities at the Cusp of History
by Martha Blassnigg, Michael Punt

‘Freeplay’ between Science, Art and Conjuring: Advertising and the Knowing Prosumer
by Martha Blassnigg

An Essay on Space and Order (Part 1: Diagrammatic Wheel or the Hollow Body and the mouth of the Monster)
by Rita Cachao

Exploring the Curatorial as Creative Act Part II: The Artist as Found System
by Edith Doove 

The Rhetoric of Instrumentation: Objectivity, Instrumental Rationality and Affect
by Hannah Drayson 

The (Im)material aspects of Film Duplication: The Optical Printer as a Philosophical Apparatus
by Amanda Egbe and Martyn Woodward 

Hitchhiking to the Moon
by Joanna Griffin 

Illusions: The Magic Eye of Perception
by Madalena Grimaldi 

A Unified Experience of Simultaneity
by Jacqui Knight 

Playing GeoPartitura in the Urban Space: Artwork with Music, Image, Technology and Interactivity
by Claudia Loch 

From Graffiti to CIURBI: An Introduction to the Sociological Art Context
by Claudia Loch 

Andy Warhol and the Cinematic Eclipse of Marcel Duchamp
by Kieran Lyons 

Inside the Medium
by Mark-Paul Meyer 

Start Playing
by Michael Punt 

Intelligent Manifestation of Ingenious Devices: Improving Human Computer Interaction using Early Automatons
by Marcio Rocha 

A Staging and Choreography of Theatrical Play: A Brechtian Aesthetic for Popular Culture
by Martyn Woodward 

Being Through Painting and Weaving: A Brief Commentary on Intuition
by Martyn Woodward