Dr. Martha Blassnigg – Teaching interests

Teaching interests
° Inter- and transdisciplinary methodologies for collaboration across the Arts, Sciences and Humanities
° Interactions between science, art, technology and popular culture: history of science and technology; technology and culture; historical and contemporary visual culture; technology, media and user engagement.
° Media archaeology and cognition: focus on cinema spectatorship, agency and processes of perception, imagination and creativity in relation to audio-visual media and expanded audio-visual environments
° Philosophy of mind and media philosophy: the body-mind correlation and issues of time, memory practices, aesthetic intuition, consciousness (focus on 19th/20th century)
° Henri Bergson in the context of the late 19th/early 20th century scientific and technological innovations in the arts, sciences and media
° Visual anthropology and documentary filmpractice in empirical research and in relation to contemporary media practices and the avant-garde; ethnographic film/anthropology of media

PhD supervision:
Director of Studies:
Kyoko Tadaoka (2013-)  Contemplation in the Experiences and Processes of Mind.
Jane Hutchinson (2014-)  Avatars, Belief and 19th Century Photography.
Jason Stansbie (2014-)  The Role of Belief in Patient Self-Management and Recovery Process.
Jacqui Knight (2014-) Collaboration and Influence: The Ontology of Frisson. (PU funded – “CogNovo”)
Abigail Jackson (2014-) Technology and Human Interaction in Autism Movement Development (AHRC funded)

Second Supervisor:
Claudy op den Kamp (2009-)  Copyright Legislation and the Re-Use of Archival Footage. (PU funded)
Marcio A. da Rocha (2010-) Human Computer Interaction and the External Mind: New Routes for HCI Design. (CAPES funded)
Lenn Massey (2010-) The Possibility of Telepathy in Musical Improvisation.
Amanda Egbe (2011-) Radical Moving Image Archive Practice: Explorations on the Notion of a Transparent Archive. (PU funded)
Edith Doove (2011-) Inframince, Cybernetics and the Curatorial Practice.
Guy Edmonds (2014- )  Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity. (Marie Curie ITN funded – “CogNovo”)
Johanna Ickert (2014-) Geoscience Communication through Anthropology (Marie Curie ITN funded – ALErT)

Third Supervisor/Supervisory Team:
Margarete Fryzlewicz (2012-) The Role and Potential of Sound Recordings in the Revitalization of Minority Languages of the Ainu and West Frisians – A Comparative Study (School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences). (PU funded)
Agatha Haines (2014-) Ideas Exchange. (PU funded – “CogNovo”)
Eugenia Stamboliev (2014-) Hypnosis in Creative Practice. (PU funded – “CogNovo”)
Gintare Zaksaite (2014-) Creativity and Human Associative Learning (PU funded – “CogNovo”)