Papers and publications


Drayson, H, 2013, The Rhetoric of Instrumentation: Objectivity, Instrumental Rationality and Affect. Transtechnology Research Reader 2012/13; Deep History, Contingency and the Sublime. [PDF available here]

Drayson, H, 2013, “When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity by Shoshana Amielle Magnet.” Leonardo, Vol. 46, No. 2 (2013), pp. 187-189

Drayson, H., 2012 “Players Unleashed! Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming by Tanja Sihvonen.” Leonardo : 491?493.

Drayson, H., 2012, Keynote presentation, International Symposium of Innovation in Interactive Media. Hosted by Media Lab/UFG, Goiânia, Brazil.

Drayson, H., 2011. “‘Imagine Being Slapped’, Physiological Instrumentation, Ontology, and the Placebo Effect”. Transtechnology Research Reader 2011-12. [PDF available here]

Drayson, H., 2011. Gestalt Biometrics, Instrumentation, Objectivity and Poetics. Ph. D. University of Plymouth, [Available at;]

Drayson, H. 2010. “C.T. Suite by Barry Saunders.” Leonardo Digital Reviews,

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Drayson, H. 2007. “Gestalt Biometrics”, in Proceedings of Mutamorphosis; Challenging Arts and Sciences. Prague, November 2007. Published online at:

Selected Performances and demos

May 2012, FAQ festival, Holland-
Shokku A/V. Live visual performance using Processing, real-time coding and FFT analysis in collaboration with electronic music duo Baconhead.

Tahiroglu, K., Drayson, H. and Erkut, C. 2008. Demo and paper presentation at ICMC 2008 (International Computer Music Conference) Belfast, Ireland. ‘An Interactive Bio-Music Improvisation System’.

“The Control Group”: Corcoran, G., Drayson, H. and Perez, M. O. 2008. Performance at Club NIME 2008 (New Instruments for Musical Expression), Genova, Italy.

Drayson, H. 2007. Performance at eNTERFACE?07, Istanbul, Turkey, 2007. ‘(un)Controlled Experiment’.

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