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Joanna Griffin


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Conference and Symposium Presentations                     

2015 ‘The formational imaginaries of space technology as an issue of cognitive innovation’, Off the Lip: Transdisciplinary approaches to cognitive innovation. Plymouth University, UK.

2015 Art-Life-Technology symposium organised by FOA-Flux, swissnex, Bangalore.

2014 Global Lunar Day Republic of the Moon exhibition, The Arts Catalyst, Bargehouse, London, UK. Presenter and panellist with Bernard Foing, Executive Director of International Lunar Exploration Working Group; Bee Thakore, Space Generation Advisory Council and Marek Kukula, Royal Observatory Public Astronomer; moderated by Jill Stuart, Editor of Space Policy Journal.

2013 ‘Language, Art and Authorship: A comparative approach towards making sense of the science-society question’ (with Jobin Kanjirakkat), Science and Society 2013: Emerging agendas for citizens and sciences, University of Ottawa, Canada. [poster] [participation by invitation].

2012 ‘The Incorporation of Transdisciplinary Thinking into the Development of Hitchhiking Payloads’. 16th Symposium on Small Satellite Missions (Hitchhiking to the Moon), 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy.

2012 Artistic Practice and Autonomous Spacefaring Activities, Space and Society Symposium (The Role of Artists in Space), 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy.

2012 ‘Re-imaging Space Technology: Encounters with Chandrayaan-1 through art-practice perspectives’, Centre for Contemporary Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka India.

2012 and 2011 Visiting Researcher presentation, Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH), Manipal Unversity, Manipal, Karnataka, lndia.

2010 ‘Moon Vehicle Café’, Public Ownership of Astronomy Symposium, Kalpaneya Yatre Astronomy Festival, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

2010 ‘Children’s Festivals’ (with Prajval Shastri), 13th All India People’s Science Congress, Sree Kerala Varma College, Thrissur, Kerala, India.

2010 ‘Finding Meaning’, Global Lunar Congress (GLUC) and 11th ILEWG Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon,, Beijing, China.

2009 ‘Moon Vehicle’ (with Babita Belliappa), 15th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA): Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments, University of Ulster in association with Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Belfast, UK.

2008 ‘Moon Vehicle’ (with Geetha Narayanan), Less Remote Symposium, 59th International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, UK



2015 Arte en Órbita, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Quito, Ecuador. Curated by Pedro Soler and Fabienne Borges.

2014 ‘Moon Vehicle’, Republic of the Moon group exhibition with artists Agnes Meyer Brand, Leonid Tishkov, Katie Paterson, WE COLONISED THE MOON and Liliajne Lijn. Produced by The Arts Catalyst, Bargehouse, London, UK. [Presenting large posters of work from Moon Vehicle contextualised with film Space and India, directed by Vijay B. Chandra, produced by Films Division India1971]

2011 Orbitando Satélites, Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijon, Spain. [Large poster ‘Who we are, What we did, What we think’ for exhibition from workshop.]

2011 Secret Satellites, Belfast Exposed Gallery, Belfast, UK. with artists Aisling O’Brien, Trevor Paglen and Simon Faithful. [‘The Satellite Investigators’ workshop with exhibition of artifacts and documentary video of workshop conversations.]