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Recent solo exhibitions:

2018: ‘Open Hinge’. The Sustainable Studio. Cardiff

2013: ‘Interference Patterns’. Peninsula Arts Gallery. Plymouth

2010: ‘Wye River Double Drawings’. Riverfront Gallery. Newport.

Recent Group exhibition

2018: Group exhibition. ‘The Avant Garde in Auckland 1971-1979’. Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki. NZ


2019: ‘Drawings’. Theatre Clwyd North. Wales.

Recent Conference Papers:

2017: Colloque international François Dagognet (1924-2015), épistémologue et historien des sciences.

‘The Beat of 5 Hearts: Dagognet, Duchamp, Marey and ‘the Jura-Paris road’. Panthéon-Sorbonne. Université Paris 1.

Forthcoming Publications:

2019. ‘François Dagognet, Philosophe, Epistémologue’. Dagognet, Duchamp, Marey. Éditions Matériologiques. Paris.

Memberships and Groups

ECPR:European Centre for Photographic Research. (2007 – 2008) ECPR is a leading research centre concentrating on elements of contemporary photographic practice; contributing member/ presenter.

MetaTech Research. (2003 – 2006) MetaTech is a research forum for trans-disciplinary practice; founder member.

CAiiA: Centre for the Advanced Inquiry into Interactive Art. (1998 – 2004) Research candidate.

56Group Wales (1986 – 1999), exhibiting member.

2B Butler’s Wharf Performance Collective(1976 – 1979); steering committee. exhibiting member .

Practice Skills

Exhibition Practice. Practicing artist with a broad range of trans-disciplinary skills and a long career of exhibition in modes of performance, installation, photography and drawing.


2010     ‘Sinuous Curves’. Ffloc: examining practice as research. Pp53-60. University of Wales.

2009     ‘Fat and Failure: Marcel Duchamp’s Military Imagination’. Technoetic Arts. Vol 7.1 pp31-48. Intellect.

2007     Book Review The MIT Press. Leonardo On-Line: Leonardo Reviews: Demos. T. J. 2007. The Exiles of Marcel Duchamp.Cambridge (Mass). MIT Press.

2006     Essay: ‘Military Avoidance: Marcel Duchamp and the “Jura-Paris Road.” Tate Research. Tate Papers. Spring     2006. ISSN1753-9854.                    

2001     Book Review The MIT Press. Leonardo On-Line: Leonardo Reviews: Ramirez . J. A.1998. Duchamp, Love and Death, Even. London. Reaktion Books.

LYONS, K.  2001. Permeable Membranes: the geography of division. In Digital Creativity: Crossing the Border, pp 207-210,editors Shaw and McKay. The Glasgow School of Art Press. ISBN 0 901904  82 1.

LYONS, K. 2001. ‘Assigning Handlers to a Shadow [01]’. In Reframing Consciousness: Art mind and technology, pp 220-222, Ascott. Exeter. Intellect.

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LYONS, K.1976, New Art: Some recent New Zealand sculpture and post-object art. (unpaginated)Editors   Jim Allen and Wystan Curnow.Heinemann (NZ).

Published Exhibition Interviews and Reviews

M. Interview Skrien Magazine. No 231.

1994     Kaleidoscope Interview, BBC Radio 4 Silver to Silicon.

1992     Kaleidoscope Interview, BBC Radio 4 B A R R A G E

1992     Primetime HTV, B A R R A G E

1992     Guardian Review, B A R R A G E

1981     VAIZEY. M. Studio International

1980     GREY. K, Aspects Magazine

1976     KEITH, H. ‘Power in Deceptive Simplicity’. New Zealand Herald. Exhibition review of ‘Welder’s Weakness’ in association with Barry Lett Galleries, Auckland, New Zealand.

Conference Papers

2008     Spatial Uncertainty and Military Avoidance: Duchamp, direct and indirect strategies, Consciousness Reframed 9: Being Syncretic. Universität Für Angewandte Kunst Wien

2004     Strategies for Withdrawal: Duchamp, 1914 and the ‘Box of 1914’. Society for Literature and Science. 4thEuropean Conference. University Paris 8.

2003   Spatial Uncertainty and Military Avoidance. Duchamp and the Jura-Paris Road, Society for Literature and Science. 17thAnnual Conference. U-Texas at Austin.

2003    Military avoidance in 1912. Duchamp and the Jura-Paris Road.Consciousness Reframed 5 2000. Newport. CAiiA-STAR

2003     Territoriality: mental structures and military music1905-1914.Nomadic Transitions. Hochschule fuer Gestalt und Kunst, Zurich.

2003     Military Avoidance in 1912: Duchamp and the Jura-Paris Road.University of Wales Newport.

2002     Communicatingtelephonically: philosophical zombies 1912 – 1914. BEAP. Perth,  Australia.

2001     Permeable Membranes: the geography of division. Glasgow School of Art.

2000     The Jura-Paris Road Revisited, Consciousness Reframed 3 2000. University of Wales Newport. CAiiA-STAR.

2000     Fluctuating and Staggering; the shared consciousness of the Jura-Paris Road, Tucson 2000. Towards a Science of Consciousness. U of Arizona, Tucson.

1999     Audiences and Users and Assigning AssumptionsISEA Saõ Paulo. Brazil.

1998     Assigning Handlers to a Shadow. Consciousness Reframed 98. CAiiA-STAR, Beyond the Pale. Consciousness Reframed 1 University of Wales, Newport. CAiiA.

Published Multimedia

1996     Losing the Battle. In ‘Silver to Silicon.’ CD-Rom, eds Dewdney/Lister. London. Artec.

Selected Installations

2007     No More Play. Ffloc/ Flock Research  Gallery. University of Wales, Newport. UK.

2001     A470:Tax and Swerve 2. ‘A470.’ Ffotagallery/ Chapter Arts Centre. Cardiff. UK.

2001     A470:Tax and Swerve1. ‘A470.’ Mostyn Art Centre. Llandudno. UK.

Afon/ River Going Mostyn Art Centre. Llandudno. UK.

1998     Assigning Handlers to a Shadow. Interactive installation, electronic/ multimedia control system. At ‘Consciousness Reframed. University of Wales, Newport UK.

1997     Beyond the Pale. ‘Consciousness Reframed 97’. CAiiA. University of Wales, Newport UK. Interactive installation, electronic/ multimedia control system.

1997     Tree in Winter. ‘Fusion Launch’. University of Wales, Newport UK. Interactive installation, electronic/ multimedia control system.

1995     Shadow, Valley, Death. ‘Digital Express’. f.stop/Media Station. Bath. UK. Interactive installation, electronic/ multimedia control system.

1994     Welsh Water Authority. At‘ffotoFACTIONS’. Oriel Gallery, Newtown. UK.

1993     Welsh Water Authority. At‘ffotoFACTIONS’. Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. UK.

1993     Welsh Water Authority. At‘ffotoFACTIONS’. Ffotogallery. Cardiff. UK. Installation, water bottles, light boxes.

1991     Gone Skiing. At‘Barrage,  Ffotogallery. Cardiff. UK. Installation, 3 x 35mm slide projector dissolve unit.

1986     Collaborations in Network Projects Collaboration with M. Punt in Roy Ascott’s textual work of distributed authorship. Venice Biennale, Venice.

1986     Dressing a Dying Musketeer. Camerawork. London. UK

1983     La Plissure du Texte. Collaboration with M. Punt in Roy Ascott’s textual work of distributed authorship. ‘Electra 83’, Musée d’Art Moderne de la ville de Paris. France.

Selected Drawings/Installations with 56 Group Wales

1999     Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff. UK.

1998     Worcester City Art Gallery. UK.

1997     Turner House Gallery, Cardiff. UK.

1995     Old Library. Cardiff. UK

1994     Royal West of England Gallery, Bristol. UK.

1992     Clwydd Arts Centre, Clwydd. UK.

1992     Rhondda Heritage Centre. South Wales. UK.

1991     A Touring Exhibition. British Council, Bratislava, Karlovy, Brno. Former Czechoslovakia.

1990     Chepstow Museum and Art Gallery

1989     Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. UK. An exhibition selected by David Briers.

1989     Old Library, Cardiff. Swiss Cottage Library, London. UK.

1988     Mostyn Arts Centre. Llandudno. UK.

1987     Worcester City Art Gallery. UK.

1986     Fishguard Arts Centre, Fishguard. UK

1986     Viriamu Jones Gallery. University College, Cardiff. UK.

Group Exhibitions

1994     Silver to Silicon. Watershed Media Centre. Bristol. UK.

1994     Silver to Silicon. Focalpoint Gallery. Southend-on-Sea. UK.

1988     Fragments of False Houses Richard Pomeroy Gallery, London. UK.

1988     Monumental Works.St George’s Church, Bloomsbury, London. UK

1987     A System of Support. Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Cambridge. UK

1985     Blinding with Science. Camerawork. London

1985     Paper Bag Show. Camerawork. London. UK

Solo Performances

1992     Friday 13th: Improved Art and Technology. GCHE, Newport.

1986     Dressing a Dying Musketeer. ‘Illuminations.’ Camerawork. London.

1982     The Mark of McCartney. The Basement. Newcastle.

1981     Dream Ship Sinks. Acme Gallery London

1981     Sink the Dream Ship. The Basement, Newcastle.

1980     Peace at the Palace (at 4 a.m).The Basement. Newcastle.

1978     Cross-Purpose.Serpentine Summer Show. Serpentine Gallery, London.

1978     Lying in the Lecture. Northern Ireland Arts Council Gallery, Belfast.

1978     My Middle Wicket. Project Arts Centre. Dublin.

1978     Three Tales 3. Project Arts Centre. Dublin.

1977     Three Tales 2. Ayton Basement, Newcastle.

1977     Three Tales 1.  2B Butler’s Wharf. London

1977     Monkey’s Malic Mainstay. Ulster Polytechnic, Belfast.

1976     Wine and Milk. 2B Butler’s Wharf. London

1976     To Be at the Centre.2B Butler’s Wharf. London

1976     Welder’s Weakness. Site-specific work in association with Barry Lett Gallery, Auckland. NZ.

1975     Spring from the Cross  and Superimpression 02. In ‘4 Men in a Boat.’ City Art Gallery,   Auckland. NZ

1974 Superimpression 01. Elam School of Art. University of Auckland. Auckland. NZ

1973     Kerikeri Township Performances. Northland NZ.