Kyoko Tadaoka


The Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences,
Ritsumeikan University,
56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi,
Kita-ku, Kyoto

email: gr0291fv<@>

This doctoral research contributes to the Intellectual History of Buddhism and Science, particularly focusing on the process of arrival of Buddhism in the Western part of the world, and analyzes its relationship to the current notion of “mindfulness.”

Publications & Presentations

Tadaoka, K. (2012) Buddhist Ways of Knowing, Holistic Science Journal, Vol.1, No.1, 2012.

Tadaoka, K. (2015) The Embodied Mind, Contemplation and Forms of Mediation. In: TranstechnologyReader 2014/2015, Plymouth University, 2015.

Tadaoka, K. (2015). Conference Review of Kyoto Conference 2015—Beyond the Extended Mind: Different Bodies, Dolls, Female Soul and Eastern Spirit, Leonardo Reviews, In: Leonardo Reviews, Online at Leonardo Reviews, September, 2015. Available at: kyoto.php (Accessed 22/01/2017)