James Sweeting

Transtechnology Research,
Portland Square Room B312
Drake Circus,
Plymouth, Devon,

Email: james.sweeting@plymouth.ac.uk



Videogames are a rapidly advancing medium, yet one that is still misunderstood and under explored. Videogames have progressed as a result of innovations in technology, but it is only recently that people have started to consider what they should do next.

Videogames have traditionally been a technologically driven medium, but that is no longer the key motivator it once was. However it is because of prior technologically innovations that the user base has a greater impact upon the direction of the videogames medium. This is where the role of nostalgia comes in, for it is becoming an increasing influence upon the evolution of the videogame form.

With my project I aim to understand the impact of nostalgia and how it interacts with the videogame audience. As well as trying to identify whether nostalgia is a constructivist of determinist influence and how this is a shift from the previous trajectory of the medium.

My Undergraduate Degree from City University London was in International Politics and my Masters in War Studies from King’s College London were influential in my decision to research videogames further. Having used opportunities to study the impact of media and technology on politics and warfare, as well the relationship between conflict and videogames, I can now concentrate on understanding how videogames can continue to grow and expand its representation of those who enjoy interacting with them.

I also contribute a monthly column for Thumbsticks focusing on aspects of the medium that broadly relate to my project. This can be found at: http://www.thumbsticks.com/author/jamessweeting/