Jason Stansbie

Transtechnology Research,
Room B312 Portland Square,
University of Plymouth,
Drake Circus,
PL4 8AA.

Current research project
Personal factors led Jason to orientate his research towards understanding the transition from illness to non-illness (health); in particular the role that the heart plays in this transformation. As a new millennium dawns the human race appears to be constrained by 19th century concepts within medicine which govern its understanding of the body. By investigating health and illness from the perspectives of theology, alternative belief systems, holistic therapy, quantum physics and ancient wisdom, illness can be re-examined, re-evaluated and re-defined in a deeper context, opening the door to our own healing potential.

Driving force behind this study:
– What if the this corporal being is not all there is? What about if we are a vehicle for a universal source, consciousness or spirit (the formless) that wants to experience the realm of form?
– I want to understand why some people get better, while others fail to do so, following a medical intervention. While there are plenty of studies surrounding interventions, such as the latest drug, or the latest surgical procedure, very few studies are conducted looking at the journey that happens for the individual as they transition between the states of illness and non-illness.
– I want to investigate the concept of our disconnection from a source, whether that be metaphorical, religious, ecological, etc, and see how this relates to illness. I want to understand how our ancestors perceived illness and what clues they left us in scripture, the landscape, etc, that allow us to understand how to transition from the state of illness to wellness.
– What part do myths play in consciousness, why are there common (sometimes identical) mythological stories found in cultures separated not only by linguistic but geographical and continental divides to wellness.
– I believe the work being carried out in quantum physics and quantum theory regarding the inquiry into the space surrounding all phenomena holds real potential to understanding how we interact, shape and manifest our reality ? including health and illness.
The question that I started to ask myself was, was there something underneath of the human experience, that would account for these things. This has naturally lead me into the realm of consciousness studies. My question now resides in how does the formless (which some have termed God, Universal force and The great Unknown) manifest into form, why does it experience such things as illness and where does this lead us not only in our relationship(s) to illness but our relationship with each other, the world and reality as a whole.

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