Jason Paul Stansbie is a doctoral researcher working within the field of Trans-Technology (a multi-disciplinary approach to research) at the University of Plymouth. His research is philosophically and historically situated, taking a trans-disciplinary approach, focusing upon topics such as:

• Consciousness Studies;
• The history of medicine and the mechanistic divide;
• New science;
• Quantum physics;
• New age studies;
• Shamanism and ancient cultures.
Before becoming a researcher, Jason studied at the University of Central England in Birmingham obtaining both his Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in engineering (Software Engineering and Software Systems Design). In addition, Jason held teaching positions in Further Education for more than 10 years, worked as a holistic therapist, published a book on personal transformation and healing, formed and ran his own accredited training company – teaching complementary and alternative therapies under the NOCN (National Open College Network) scheme, and worked part time as a visionary artist.