Juliana Schneider

Image of Juilana Schneider

Phd Student with Transtechnology Research at Plymouth University, via Schumacher Research-in Action node.

Within my Phd, I will explore the social processes of formation of social structures we call organisations and enterprises starting with the question: how can a culture of spontaneity be sustained from within the imperatives of goal/outcome-oriented human endeavour?

I will draw on my experience of founding and running an educational enterprise in Brazil which is itinerant, networked and based on multiple partnerships and ask how does an ethos come into being and how is it sustained alive (and not as a set of prescriptions and goals to be achieved) as the activities spread and solidify? For this, I will focus on concrete accounts of the coming into being of such enterprise and its evolution, focusing on what is actually happening at every phase and contrasting this at every point with the habitual ways of thinking and acting in such contexts.