Theo Humphries

Theo Humphries BA (Hons), MA (RCA), FHEA.

Theo is a senior lecturer in art and design at Cardiff School of Art & Design, part of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Theo’s current research considers how ideas from humour theory and entanglement theory might address how humour is (mis)understood in design, specifically how derogatory humour, as a response to design, has been historically misperceived. Within this context, his thesis attempts to demonstrate how drawing together ideas from these fields provides a designerly understanding of humour that is not framed in terms of derision, but as an indicator of a fracture in the relationship between audience and designed artefact. The hypothesis is that such an understanding will provide a theoretical footing toward a new way of designing for which derisory humour has been reconceptualised as a welcome indicator of innovation. Framed in this way, such a shift in posture and mindset is proffered as a foundational contribution to the nascent field of humour-centred design.

Theo is a member of the Metatechnicity Research Group at Cardiff School of Art and Design and of The Transtechnology Research Group at Plymouth University. Theo is also a member of The Faculty of Minor Disturbances, currently holding the position of Senior Vice President for Satire at the Department of Pop Culture. 

As an artist, Theo hacks cross-stitch kits under the name ‘Crapestry’. His work can be seen at or @crapestry on Instagram.

Theo’s SARS Wars Toys project is a recent artistic response to the global pandemic caused by the virus known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

Many of Theo’s other projects can be viewed at

Theo holds a BA (Hons) in ‘Design Futures’ from The University of Wales, Newport (since merged into The University of South Wales) and an MA in ‘Interaction Design’ from The Royal College of Art (2005).

Theo cofounded ‘3eyes‘ design consultancy, with co-director John Anthony Evans. 3eyes worked with an exciting plethora of clients between 2001 and 2008.

Theo has been full-time lecturer since 2008 and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2010.