Zinnia Wang

PhD Student

Transtechnology Research,
Room B312 Portland Square,
University of Plymouth,
Drake Circus,
PL4 8AA.

Email: xiaorong.wang@plymouth.ac.uk


Zinnia Wang is a doctoral researcher at the TransTechnology Research School of Art, Design and Architecture at Plymouth University. Prior to joining TT Research, she worked as a curator, jewellery designer, project manager(PMP), and dancer for the past decades and was photographed on the cover of the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1997.

Her earlier research focused on the entanglement of the transfer of tacit knowledge within the apprenticeship and practice with jewellery making as a craftsman. With more than 20 years of dancing experience from basic ballet techniques to Chinese ethnic and folk dance since childhood, she considered dance as a mindful communication through movement and training is essential for drilling the personal body in every aspect of the craft. She began to pay attention to the knowledge transfer among different individuals under the mode of “precept and deed”, especially the tacit knowledge inhabited by personal experience, know-how, and skills. She developed a multidisciplinary knowledge base integrating the fundamentals of humanities and social science through her double postgraduate degree study in Knowledge Management (NUAA,2012) and Innovation Management(Goldsmiths,2021). Her current passion shifts to curating, activating, and sustaining contemporary art toward innovative exhibition-making in the post-digital era.

Curatorial Projects

2023 ‘Maize Maze: immortality experiment’, Contemporary art exhibition at Copeland gallery, London

2023 ‘Through the Garden Gate: Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition’, Zhijian Gallery, Shanghai Deqiu Cultural and Creative Park, China

2021 ‘Perception: Contemporary art exhibition by emerging artists from RCA UAL and Goldsmiths’, Koppel Gallery, Oxford Street, London