Off the Lip


Workshop and Conference: Preliminary notice and call for participation
7-11 September 2015

Workshops: 7-8 September
Conference: 9-11 September

University of Plymouth, Plymouth, UK

Conference website:

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:

Amy Ione, 
Director of the Diatrope Institute, Berkeley, California, USA

Roger Malina, 
Distinguished Professor of Arts and Technology, Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Sundar Sarukkai, 
Professor and Director of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, Manipal, India

The promise of cognitive innovation as a collaborative project in the sciences, arts and humanities is that we can approach creativity as a bootstrapping cognitive process in which the energies that shape the poem are necessarily indistinguishable from those that shape the poet. For the purposes of this conference the exploration of the idea of cognitive innovation concerns an understanding of creativity that is not exclusively concerned with conscious human thought and action but also as intrinsic to our cognitive development. As a consequence, we see the possibility for cognitive innovation to provide a theoretical and practical platform from which to address disciplinary differences in ways that offer new topics and concerns for research in the sciences and the humanities.


Confirmed Workshops

Prof. Gemma Blackshaw, ‘The Art of Consumption: Picturing tuberculosis in alpine sanatoria around 1900’

Prof. James Daybell, ‘Gender, Archives and Memory in Early Modern England’

Prof. Mat Emmett, ‘Visual Mediators: Exploring the transactional capabilities of diagrams, maps and schematic notations’

Dr. Min Wild, ‘Hanging in Dreams on the Back of a Tiger: Lies, Science and the Philosophy of Metaphor’

The workshops will engage participants in the contributions made by past and current research in the Humanities in the understanding of cognition as a creative interaction with daily life, featuring case-studies and examples that will suggest how to build bridges between current trends in the cognitive sciences and established bodies of knowledge.


There are no conference registration fees for students and a nominal fee of £ 50 for all other participants to cover lunches and coffee, with an additional £ 30 for those delegates wishing to attend the conference dinner. The conference administrator will assist with bookings for accommodation if required.


Off the Lip is a collaboration between

CogNovo ( and Transtechnology Research (

at the Cognition Institute, University of Plymouth, UK.

CogNovo (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN604764) is funded by the EU Marie Curie programme.