Transtechnology Research Seminar Series 2009/2010

Realism and its Discontents

The Transtechnology Research Seminar for the Academic Session 2009/10 will comprise a series of presentations and discussion broadly dealing with the theme of ‘Realism and its Discontents’.

The seminars will take place in Portland Square, room B323, from 14.00 to 16.30 on the following dates:

  • October 14, 2009. Guto Nobrega
    Art and Technology: Coherence, Connectedness, and the Integrative Field (Pre-Viva Thesis Presentation)
  • November 11, 2009. Robert Jackson
    Thought Beyond Thinking: Aesthetic Force [seminar outline]
  • December 16, 2009. Michael Punt, Martha Blassnigg and Claudy Op den Kamp
    Scientific Film: Filming Science [seminar outline]
  • January 20, 2010. Martha Blassnigg and Michael Punt
    Technology, Exchange and Flow [seminar outline]
  • February 24, 2010. Hannah Drayson and Martha Blassnigg
    Ethnographic Imaging [seminar outline]
  • March 24, 2010. Rita Cachão, Amanda Egbe and Joanna Griffin
    Real Space [seminar outline]
  • April 21, 2010. John Vines, Martyn Woodward and Brigitta Zics
    Designing the Invisible: Speculating the Immaterial in the Material [seminar outline]
  • May 19, 2010. Amanda Egbe and Claudy Op den Kamp
    Reel Laws [seminar outline]
  • June 23, 2010. Business Meeting