Reel Laws

Amanda Egbe and Claudy Op den Kamp

This seminar will discuss the use, re-use and distribution of audio-visual material in relation to copyright. Amanda Egbe and Claudy Op den Kamp will present their research that reflects on practices that demonstrate approaches to re-use that look beyond the assumptions about lights, ownership and use implied by copyright laws.

Amanda Egbe will examine the use of archive material in her own work, and by artists Cummings and Lewandowska in their project Enthusiasts: archive. This is a collaborative art project using and re-using works from amateur film clubs in Poland, and will be used to discuss copyright and copyleft, approaches to the archive that replace property with generosity.

Claudy Op den Kamp will discuss the Bits & Pieces collection, put together by the Nederlands Filmmuseum from unidentified film fragments, to address ideas of collection building, re-use, and archiving.