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Edith Doove with Martin Woodward

This seminar will be a joint presentation by Edith Doove and Martyn Woodward. In preparation of their joint paper for the Deleuze Conference 2013 in Lisbon by Doove within the section of ‘Territory and artistic creation’, this seminar takes as its point as departure Doove’s paper for the forthcoming Transtechnology Reader – see attached and abstract below.

In the seminar Doove will concentrate on Elizabeth Grosz’ Chaos, Territory, Art in which she discusses Deleuze’s ideas on framing from a vitalist and non-anthropocentric standpoint. Particular attention will be paid to this notion of framing as it may impact upon the curatorial, how to ‘represent’ both the artwork and artist through a recognition of the often unseen but essential territory that exists beyond the ‘frame’ of conventional curatorial practices.

As a respondent, Martyn Woodward will expose some of this territory from within his own work, with a focus upon the thinking of Deleuze and Jakob Von Uexkull.

Reading for seminar: Exploring the Curatorial as Creative Act Part II

This paper is intended as a thought experiment around the idea of the artist as found system, open-ended and in constant becoming, as an alternative and more flexible solution for the usual art historic conceptualizing of artists. Inspired by Daumal’s Mount Analogue and the island of Mandelbrot it makes use of a pataphysical, pragmatist approach, exploring the realm between fiction and reality, and tries to apply Duchamp’s infra-mince in order to develop a system(atic) thinking about the artist(ic).