‘Real Space’ revisited – diagram as space

Rita Cachao

This seminar will revisit the presentation by Rita Cachao within the 2010 seminar entitled ‘Real Space’. In that seminar space was paralleled with hand-drawn scientific illustration as pertaining multiple levels of mediation, which display, instead of hiding, tension and paradoxes between the mediated sides. From the interaction between hand-drawn scientific illustration and space, it was suggested that space could be seen as: an entity that cannot be account for physically but to which have been attributed physical properties so to make it attainable and convey idealizations, intellectualizations and understandings of multi-dimensional connections with the physical world that concern its structuralisation and order.

Fundamental to the development of such insight on space was the notion of the ‘diagram’ that supported the correlation between space and hand-drawn scientific illustration. This seminar will re-examine such insight by particularly addressing the interactions between ‘Deleuzian’ and ‘Foucauldian’ notions of the ‘diagram’ particularly its unavoidable intrusion within the idea of the affective, and its implications for how we conceptualise space.