Transtechnology Research Seminar Series 2014/15

Cognition and the Image of Affection: Instrumentation, Realism and Technology

This series of seminars follows from the 2013/2014 programme ‘Mediation and Transdisciplinarity: Towards an Archaeology of Affection’ in which we addressed aspects of cognition and media archaeology as they impacted on media art and media theoryIn the new series we will focus on affect by triangulating three key concerns that emerged from the 2013/14 series and the researchers’ individual practices. These concerns can be located in (i) the critique of ‘Instrumental Realism’ as it was articulated by Don Ihde, (ii) a response to Bruno Latour’s appeal to rethink what we mean by reality, and (iii) Frederic Jamesons’ recent book on the distinction between named emotion and affect in the arts. In this series we hope to situate these interventions in an overarching consideration of technologies of mediation.

Each seminar will take the form of a colloquium led by a small group of doctoral and post doctoral researchers currently working on projects at Transtechnology Research. They will be open to all members of the University and invited guests. Preparatory materials will be circulated a week before the seminar through the Transtechnology Research mailing list and posted at:

This seminar series has been developed to support the highlighted research theme of Media Archaeology and Cognition in the School of Art and Media.

Seminar series topics:

17 Sept 2014: Setting the Scene: Latour, Jameson, Ihde and Bergson
(Prof. Michael Punt, Dr. Martha Blassnigg and Dr. Hannah Drayson)

22 Oct 2014: The Hypnotic Image: between named emotion and affect

19 Nov 2014: Edenic Technologies: Machines of innocence and oblivion
(Jacqui Knight and Jane Hutchinson)

17 Dec 2014: Instrumental Recirculation: Simulating health ? The very idea!

21 Jan 2015: Technophillia: Technologies for the Corrupted Body
(Guy Edmonds and Agi Haines)

18 Feb 2015: The Opaque Lens: Affect and Subversion in Media Practices
(Edith Doove)

18 March 2015: Acetic Image: Technologies of Disavowal
(Guy Edmonds, Udo Hudelmaier, Jane Hutchinson, Abigail Jackson, Nick Peres)

22 April 2015: Facts, Concerns and Topics: Transdisciplinarity and the provisional ‘Real’
(Rita Cachao and Martyn Woodward)

20 May 2015: “Drawing Things Together” (Latour)