Instrumental Recirculation: Simulating health ? The very idea!

This seminar will revisit the period of the introduction of moving image technologies and the convergence between medical visualisation, technological innovation and entertainment in the context of some of the late 19th century and turn of the century scientific innovations.

It will present visual materials including the use of instantaneous photography, chromophotography and microcinematography in relation to the visualisations of body movements and dynamics, physiological, bacterial and mental forms of expression and connect them with contemporary and current work around the topics of creativity and cognition in the production, distribution and reception of these mediations.

The aim of this seminar is to situate related concerns of health, well-being and the corporeal imagination in the context of discussions around instrumental realism, the affect and perceptual recirculation both as they are addressed in current media and medical simulation. In the context of media archaeology and cognition the seminar aims to open up a discussion about therapeutic uses of audio-visual media.