Transtechnology Research Seminar Series 2015/16

Objects of Affect and Affection

This Transtechnology Research seminar series explores how an object can be understood as a nexus of discourses, and how the arranging of those discourses in relation to a particular theoretical framework can offer reciprocal insights into the object and the framework. It also offers some traction in the ongoing discussion of cognition and media (practices). Each seminar will have as its primary discursive focus an object and through this, aspects of theoretical and practical research will find engagement with an extended realm of enquiry. In this series each move will be driven by the discussion of the object either as a symptom, mnemonic or dream of an affective and affectionate media interaction; oblique strategies to engage with the avant-garde and recover art as an aesthetic experience that allows the artist and the artwork to affectively connect with whoever encounters it.

The series follows on from the series this year and explores the affective relationship of and with objects, media and technologies. We have called the series Objects of Affect and Affection in order to take forward our argument and examine the effects and consequences of the tendency of digitization to flatten difference.

Sept 23 – Martha Blassnigg, Hannah Drayson, Michael Punt: Introduction to ‘Objects of Affect and Affection’

Nov 18 – Jane Hutchinson: Ephemeral Affections: The Elusive Object: Imagination, Abstraction and Dreams of Utopia

Dec 16 – Edith Doove: Ephemeral Affections: Mobile Absolutes

Jan 20 – Abigail Jackson: Ephemeral Affections: A Resonant Touch

Feb 17 – Guy Edmonds: The Knife Anatomised: A Forensics of the Inter-Frame Space

Mar 23 – James Sweeting: Freedom of Time and Space: Technological Affordances of Play

Apr 13 – Agatha Haines and Eugenia Stamboliev: The Medical Gaze: Mechanical Distance and the Affected Mind

May 11 – Nick Peres: Numbers and Bleeps: Decoding Healthcare’s Digital Language

June 15 – Johanna Ickert: Seismographs of the Anthropocene: Earthquake Early Warning Systems as a Sensuous-Aesthetic Praxis of Material Interconnections and Processes

Date to be confirmed – Jacqui Knight: Time’s Arrow