Transtechnology Research Seminar Series 2019/20

Analytical Practices: A Fictional Seminar Series
Fiction, Image, Apparatus. 

In the 2018-19 seminar series the Transtechnology Research group began to think about gravity, the ultimate symbol of predictable and Newtonian causality, and attempted to slip its bounds, leaving habitual thinking behind. This year we plan to turn our attention to questions raised by the concept of analysis in our research projects. Analysis is certainly a scientific approach, but also a process of adopting, and perhaps once in a while, inventing the categories and vocabularies with which we can produce actions and discourses that allow us to intervene and create meaning around the problems that concern us. The triad of fiction, image, apparatus offer three contexts for this process.

Research Update Session;
26th September 2019

16th October 2019
Jane Hutchinson, Enchantment in the photographic studio: apparatus, images and imagination.

13th November 2019
Sarah Turton, Creative Fabulation and Transcendence.

11th December 2019
Emma Bush, Matter and Memory and Mnemonic 1: Techniques for Time Travel.

8th January 2020
Becalelis Brodskis, Matter and Memory and Mnemonic 2: My Place in Your Space.

5th February 2020
James Sweeting, Anachronism and Fact in (Historical) Fiction.

4th March 2020
Lucinda Guy, Radio Metafictions and Media Form: Silencing Silence.

25th March 2020
Stephanie Moran, Alien Intelligences: Octopuses, AI and Machine Learning.

22th April 2020
Laura Wellsman, AI as Artist: Artificial Artificial Intelligence.
Linan Zhang, Society as Discourse: Stories of Medical Imaginaries. 

20th May 2020
Nick Peres, Myths of Medical Precognition: Diagnosis, Surveillance and Truth.

TT Business Meeting
17th June 2020