Public Dialogues 2013: ‘At the Interlude Between Body, Artifact and Discourse’

Developed by Transtechnology Research, Plymouth University, UK,
& hosted in association with Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK, 12-14 July 2013

This year the Transtechnology Research Dialogues built upon a contemporary challenge to conventional and disciplinary notions of what can be understood as an ‘historical document’ through questioning the necessity of material evidence to understand the world around us, as well as human activity itself within the world. The questioning of the limits of materiality has further implications for how we conceptualise notions of the ‘artefact’, the ‘body’ and ‘discourse’, across the arts, sciences and humanities as we come to terms with a material world that can be seen to coalesce in many ways with the immaterial dimensions of the imagination.

The dialogues comprised panel discussions, presentations, material screening events, and round- table dialogues chaired by doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, with the aim to question what may have become the discrete domains of the body, the artefact and discourse from a number of different perspectives. It brought together thinkers and practitioners from a number of diverse practices and disciplines across the humanities, sciences and arts, nurturing and liberating dialogues that may happen at the extremities and within the interludes between disciplinary accounts of the body, artefact and discourse. The dialogues provided a transdisciplinary environment in which thinkers and practitioners from diverse fields can converge and share knowledge, insights and methodologies in order to liberate new questions and concerns.

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