Writing for the TT Reader 2022 Edition

The Transtechnology Research reader collects articles from the annual seminar series of the Transtechnology Research group. The series has been running now since
2005, and the readers series began in 2010, forming a key element of the Transtechnology Research doctoral training program. They serve as a platform for the essentials of written and verbal academic presentation in a collegiate but public environment. Over the years they have attracted a dedicated group of faculty and alumni who contribute to the development of the research projects conducted within the group.

We are pleased to announce our reader for 2022 will include article submissions from either of the last two year’s seminar series, as well as individual projects, proposals and overviews of current work, short reflections, draft thesis chapters, documentation of practice or any other elements of the research being carried out by doctoral or affiliated researchers. This year will also feature recordings of conversations between members of the research group about the different themes of their work and this year’s series.

Key Deadlines:
First Submissions:  29th April 2022. Via email to Johara Bellali, Hannah Drayson and Michael Punt.
Recording Sessions: June/July 2022. [Around the time of our business meeting]
Feedback from editorial board: 29th May.
Revisions due: 15th July.
Copy Editing: 15th July- 15th August.
Authors Check Copy: 15th August- 1st September
Proofing: 1st September – 5th September.
Layout: 5th September – 5th October
Final Checks: 5th October-8th.
Completion: 12th October.

This year’s team:
Executive Editor – Hannah Drayson
Editor in Chief – Michael Punt  
Managing editor – Johara Bellali
Peer Review Board – Anna Walker, Sarah Turton, Michael Punt, Lucinda Guy, Hannah Drayson
Associate Editors–Lucinda Guy (Sonic Supplement), Stephanie Moran, Sarah Turton
Proofing – Johara Bellali
Layout and Illustration – Jo Dorothea-Smith and Karen Squire 

We have produced a stylesheet to help you prepare your manuscript. Please use it!